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  • My Hope


    Product Description

    My Hope is under My President 4 star hotel quality Mattress series

    My Hope have a pillow top of memory foam above the pocket spring

    When you lie down on My Hope Mattress, you will feel the you are sink down into it

    You need to experience yourself in order to appreciate this mattress


    Product Review

    This is the top best seller in our warehouse sales for pocket spring hotel mattress

    Many surprise we position this in our warehouse, so if you are looking for a good mattress which is affordable, you can consider this model

  • My King

    From: $1,599.00 From: $1,499.00

    Product Description

    My King Mattress uses 7 zone pocket spring, latex and premium memory foam

    My King will be our My President Signature Mattress, as it is OEM for one of the top hotel in the world

    However we are unable to reveal unless you visit our showroom

    My King have a thick pillow top using high quality memory foam with latex which gives you the most premium feel you can ever experience when you test My King

    MY King is loved by all the celebrities and our customer, to become the number 1 best seller


    Product Review

    My King (Signature Mattress, 5 Star Hotel Mattresses)

    1st Place – 16Votes

  • My Queen

    From: $1,399.00 From: $1,299.00

    Product Description

    My Queen Mattress uses 7 zone pocket spring, latex and premium memory foam

    My Queen uses 2000 mini pocket spring for the pillow top above the 7 zone pocket spring

    Therefore MY Queen is the hardest mattress under My President Series

    All the celebrities whom like a Mattress which gives the maximum support for the spine, My Queen is the only choice


    Product Review

    My Queen and Crown Storage Bed Frame

    3rd Place – Very Firm with Maximum Spine Support

    2000 Mini Pocket Spring above the 7 Zone Pocket Spring (9 Votes)