My honey

My President Mattress are endorsed by Lina Ng, & My Honey Uses 4 Zone Pocket Spring

My Honey Mattress comes with a soft foam and suitable for consumers whom like soft Mattress in their bedroom

My Honey Mattress graded under 3 stars or budget hotel, highly purchase for rental flat bed room or guest bed room


My President 4 Star Hotel Quality Mattress sale at Factory Price for BTO HDB Bedroom with Free Delivery, Pocket Spring Mattress from $599 in Singapore.

Actually MY Angel, My Hope and My Dream sold very well in our warehouse sales

Many are amazed with the quality and satisfied when purchase

My Angel is firm, 5 zone pocket spring , good for back support at $599 ( 3 Star Hotel Standard)

My Hope is comfortable, 5 zone pocket spring, using thin memory foam to give the ultimate comfortable experience (4 star hotel standards)

My Dream is soft and comfortable, 5 zone pocket spring, using thick memory foam to give a hugging experience (4 star hotel standards)

You can check out bed mattress and storage bed frame with us, as we customize all sorts of bed frame in Singapore

Hotel Pocket Spring Mattress

My President Mattress Signature would be My King, it is OEM exactly the same as one of the popular hotel internationally

Under My President Signature series, all mattresses are in 7 zone pocket spring with latex, memory foam and extremely comfortable

You may visit the individually product to understand more of each mattress as they were review by the celebrities in Singapore